There’s a storm raging outside the restaurant and its probably the reason why there are still a few more guests hanging around at their tables even past 11 pm. And that too on Monday night, the leanest night of the week, and way past the band’s last song for the night.

Sitting at the table reserved for the resident band are five guys with not much to talk about. They’ve been at it for the last twenty years – same table, same faces, the same cup of tea. Their conversation circles around everything under the sun except music. In a while they will leave for their families, and to their weekly grind.

It’s not hard to see determination wrought on their faces as they go about being who they are, and the years (30 years to be exact) of toil and sacrifice is spread thick on the authority with which these five guys from different backgrounds come together to define the name they chose for themselves – EXODUS.

Gladson, Ebby and Robert remain from the original line-up – never old. Jerry completed this quartet in 1999, and still has them playing to his beat. A few others appeared and disappeared, but nobody ever left. Nobody ever leaves, because this is a band of brothers. And these brothers play music.

30 years and strong. Many more years to go. Many more artists to cover to note perfect standards. They’ll be around. The same smiling no nonsense inconspicuous devoted musicians. Perhaps a single. Perhaps a tour. Ideas, suggestions, arguments, chord progressions, laughter, music. And the tea, of course.


Ebby Verghese
Jerry Peter
Gladson John
Robert Auswald


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